About Us

At Turboline, our team is composed of passionate, skilled professionals dedicated to redefining data engineering. With expertise spanning across data science, AI technologies, and business strategy, our team collaborates globally to deliver innovative solutions. We thrive on creativity and the shared goal of empowering businesses through superior data insights."

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  • Chandan
    Chandan Bhagat
    Founder & CTO

    The software sorcerer, casting spells of architectural excellence

  • Rupika Bista
    Rupika Bista
    QA Engineer

    No bugs shall pass to production through Rupika's microscopic filter

  • Basundhara Rajbansi
    Basundhara Rajbansi
    QA Engineer

    Basundhara finds bugs hidden in the deepest crevice of our code

  • Sandhya
    Sandhya Khanal
    Senior Project Manager

    She makes sure shit gets done around in this ship

  • Bibash Sitoula
    Bibash Sitoula
    Full Stack Engineer

    Coding the future, one line of .NET at a time

  • Aakash Khatri
    Aakash Khatri
    Full Stack Engineer

    Database wizard, healing slow queries to boost performance

  • Ravi Chaudhary
    Ravi Chaudhary
    Machine Learning Engineer

    R&D ninja delivering features faster than light

  • Manas Mudbari
    Manas Mudbari
    Founder & CEO

    Pirate king of the data industry, with a crew of loyal nakama by my side

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